Amazon is a planning a major push into the table market this year. The DigiTimes website is reporting that the online retail giant wants to bring out two to four models of PC tablets sometime this year.

Shipments of a model with a 10.1 inch screen that will be called the HannsTouch (hopefully their marketing department will come up with a better name for it before it goes on sale) could begin in July. Presumably sales should start in the US, no word on when it will be available in the UK. DigiTimes reports that it’ll cost between $249 and $299 in the USA. That would be £155.97 to £287.28 in the United Kingdom.

A second tablet with a seven inch screen should be available sometime in the fall or early winter. The exact date for this is not available yet. It should cost around $199 (£124.65) whenever it finally becomes available. There are also rumors of a slightly cheaper seven inch tablet that will cost around $169 (£105.85).

No name for the seven inch devices is available yet. Nor have any details about the operating system been released. Presumably it will be Windows because these devices are PCs but they could also be Android compatible. There are also no details about the devices’ capabilities. There have also been rumors of an 8.5 inch Amazon tablet but it has apparently been delayed.

Presumably these devices will be sold through primarily through Amazon.com. Whether they can actually compete with Apple’s iPad or the numerous Android tablets already on the market is hard to say. Although it should be noted that Amazon already has a large loyal following with its Kindle. It started selling the Kindle Fire Tablet last year.

DigiTimes reports that Amazon hopes to ship 20 million tablet PCs in 2012. It is hard to tell whether this refers to Amazon’s own devices or other manufacturer’s products that it is selling.

The DigiTimes report has not been confirmed yet. It got its information from suppliers. Still it should be interesting to see what this Amazon tablet looks like and if it can help Microsoft capture a portion of the tablet market.

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