It is actually possible to install Android Apps and other non-BlackBerry programs on a PlayBook tablet. The process is actually quite simple and it works with other cool applications including Kindle Fire and Dropbox. That means you’ll be able to read Kindle books on your PlayBook and read documents from your computer on it as well.

This means that you can get around the PlayBook’s notorious lack of compatible software fairly easily. All you will need to do this is access to a PC and some free software. It also means that you will be able to load stuff that is not in BlackBerry App World onto your PlayBook.

To load the Apps you will need to have PlayBook OS 2.0 installed on your tablet. If you do this process should work:

If you have it installed then go to your PC and download and install theJava Runtime Environment. Once it is installed download and install the DDPB Installer. Downloading and installing any Bar/or zip files that are already converted can make the process easier.

Then get out your PlayBook and set it to Developer Mode. You do this by going to Settings and clicking on Security. Under Security click on Developer Mode and Enable it. It will ask you for a password which you can create. You’ll know you’re in Developer Mode because of the picture below.

Once in Developer Mode connect the PlayBook to the PC. If you have BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your PC shut it down because it’ll only get in the way.

Okay now open the DDPB Installer that you added to the PC. You’ll need to type in your PlayBook’s IP address and the Developer Mode password that you created. Now you can install any previously converted files you downloaded. These are Apps that somebody else has converted for PlayBook use. To do this click on the Add button and browse to wherever you stored those files. Put a check mark on the ones you want to install. Then click on install and let the software do the rest. If it works it’ll look like what’s below.

If you need to check for more apps do a Google or Bing search for Android Apps for BlackBerry Playbook. Chances are somebody’s already converted them. To make life a little easier here’s a list of them at this forum.

This can supposedly be used to convert some other apps including Amazon apk files to BlackBerry Bars. It can also be used to install Dropbox.com on your PlayBook so you can add documents.






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