Sims 3 Pets is finally here and there’s much to say about it.

Sims 3 Pets is very similar to Sims 2 pets in the idea that Sims can train their dogs, cat, kittens and puppies. However there are loads of new additions that were not present in the earlier Sims 2 version.

First to point out the obvious, you may find the random animal stroll by your home or walking around town, these are more or less strays or animals that belong to neighbouring Sims. Raccoons will often raid your garbage bin and cats and dogs will sleep on your

property. Oh and you’ll often witness a herd of wild horses. Horses are probably the biggest and funniest animals in Sims 3. Sims can train horses to jump and run and enter them in equestrian competitions. Sims can gain the riding skill and become a well-known rider in town with a collection of trophies presenting their success.

Sad to say there are NO werewolves featured in this pack unlike Sims 2 Pets. However EA introduces a new mystical creature, we all know as the Unicorn. The Unicorn will make its appearance in a town 40% of the time, from 8pm to 4am and can be spotted

around fishing sites. It’s fairly easy to spot one as there is a mystical cloud directly above the Unicorn which is very noticeable in Map view. Unicorns have special abilities, super fast speed and can bless your Sim or pet. It IS possible to add the Unicorn to your family by simply asking; however you will need to have at least 3 pets in your household before the Unicorn will accept the invitation. One of the cool features a Unicorn has is it can set things on fire. Not a lot of people will find this as entertaining if it’s your Sim’s house that gets set alight but I find it quite humorous at using this little spell on an enemy’s house or property. Oh and how can I forget? Unicorns can breed with normal horses, there’s a 50% chance the foal will come out with unicorn abilities.
In terms of new hairstyles, there’s nothing to jump up about, there’s hardly any new things apart from the pet accessories and a few wallpapers and flooring. There is quite a decent collection of new clothes however, most which really give you that cowboy/cowgirl

There’s no room for neglect when taking on a heavy load of animals as the social worker will make a royal visit and take away all your beloved pets. It’s important that the a

nimals have their basic necessities to survive. Unlike Sims 2 Pets, pets have no careers. This makes it more interesting. Instead, dogs can be trained to hunt and guard objects or the house; they can also be commanded to find collectibles. Cats have the ability to hunt for minor animals in the wild and if they are victorious they can even bring it home as a new addition. Minor pets include large/small birds, snakes, lizards, rodents and turtles. They need equal love and care.style for farm Sims and the average Cat-loving Sim.

My overall rate for this game: 4/5. I am still sore regarding the no-show of werewolves and I can’t say whether EA will be adding them at all or having them introduced in a new expansion pack. Great game and can’t wait to see what will be cropping up next. Fingers crossed for Seasons!

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